Kennedy Copeland Shares Experience as Fulbright Scholar in Tanzania

Terri Copeland, past president of the Rotary Club of Atlanta West End, introduced her daughter, Ms. Kennedy Copeland, to present at the club's first meeting in August. Kennedy presented about her experience with the Fulbright Hays Group Project Abroad in Tanzania. Kennedy was one of 15 participants, only two of whom were college students. The purpose of the trip was to "Think Globally About Local Issues to Develop Teachers’ Cultural Competence and International Awareness in Africa". Kennedy reported that participants had a Pre-Departure Orientation in Tucker, Georgia, and spent five intensive weeks in Tanzania. In Dar Es Salaam they attended the lectures and language labs at the University Dar Es Salaam. They visited local schools and collaborated with Tanzanian educators. Their main deliverable was African-centric lesson plans for grades K-12, which are available to all teachers through the U.S. Department of Education website. The non-profit American Institute of Resource and Human Development has received this grant for the past 20 years and alternates between Tanzania and Ghana. Participants in the African Studies Program develop an understanding of educational practices abroad, develop social and professional relationships with people in the global community, and participate in valuable discussions designed to facilitate the Institute for Human and Resource Development, Inc.’s mission to develop its program. These programs foster greater global economic and international education and relations. Critical issues addressed include:

  • Orphaned Children (due to HIV/AIDS and other casualties)
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Education Targeting Youth
  • Bridging the Digital Divide with Technology and Computer Literacy Education
  • Micro-Enterprise and Financial Literacy to Empower Rural Women

Kennedy encouraged Rotarians to inform educators and college students who are interested to go to to fill out an application for program participation – opportunities opens in January. In mid-August Kennedy will be moving to Seoul, South Korea, to teach English (reaching her personal goal of 22 countries by the time she is 22!). She plans on returning to the States to obtain her Master’s degree. Her career goal is to become a U.S. Foreign Service Officer. All of her Rotary of Atlanta West End supporters wish her “Bahati njema”! (That’s good luck in Swahili.)

Posted by Judith Fuller
August 9, 2019 2:00pm