Richard Gerakitis, AWER program leader for January, had arranged for Mr. Corrie Collier, Athletic Director at Booker T. Washington High School, to be our speaker. At 9 a.m. Corrie called Richard to explain that he was in the car with his wife headed to Piedmont Hospital for the delivery of their child … he asked Richard if he could arrange another time!!! Not deterred Richard combed YouTube and found a substitute speaker via Mr. Chris Wells delivering a highly animated speech at the Rotary International Convention. Chris explained a chance meeting with Jim Davies who led Chris to wonderful opportunity for fellowship and a terrific life experience found in choosing the way of DO-Goodery, via a newly established Rotaract Club. Chris described great fun, doing great stuff, having a great time through DO-Goodery. Chris has found how to accept and enjoy different people, understanding about different strokes for different folks, also filling some dark and empty spaces, learning together, overcoming loneliness, all and more possible through DO-Goodery. Through it all he emphasized his gratitude to Jim Davies – another Rotarian helping Chris get onto a path for others, building more ways to DO-Goodery and deeper fellowship and more growing as a person. Likewise Richard also emphasized the almost unequaled phenomenon in his own life through Rotary Membership. Not for a second, he said, has he lost total appreciation of meeting every Friday at AWER, reading The Rotarian each month, gaining highly cherished relationships and fellowship, always grateful to and thanking his elder Mr. Davies who got him involved as a Club member 37 years ago … including DO-Goodery, but going on to be so much more. Chris stressed that the D0-Goodery goes both ways. Many young people, while highly connected in the digital world, are nonetheless expressing a sense of profound loneliness, Coming together through Rotary not only provides the opportunity to help others through Service Above Self, aka DoGoodery, but also provides the connection, fellowship, and dialogue that only face-to-face interaction can offer.

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Posted by Neil Shorthouse
January 24, 2020 2:00pm


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