New Atlanta West End Rotarians & Washington High Interact Club Partner on Financial Literacy Event

The Rotary Club of Atlanta West End put together an exciting new program with the Interact Club at Booker T. Washington High School. Seeing the need for financial literacy, AWER member CJ Stewart conceived of a financial literacy event for the teachers, parents and students of Washington High and the surrounding community. Then CJ tapped some of the club’s newest members, each of whom are in financial services professions and have a desire to help their community by sharing their real-world knowledge and expertise .

Specifically, Marion Lessington, who joined the club in late 2019, brings skills from his banking career to help students and parents understand the basic components of banking and money management. Necole Gibbs, a new member who specializes in insurance and annuities, volunteered to share her knowledge to educate others on purposeful financial planning. And Kyra Solomon, another new member and a real estate broker, provided her knowledge on the topics on entrepreneurship and the homeownership process.

Of the effort, CJ says, “The Interact students at Washington High School want to win at the game of life and realize that in order to do so, they must be financially literate.”

The inaugural event was scheduled for Saturday, February 8th, which also had the distinction of being the first “snow day” in Atlanta in 2020. Just when the AWER team was ready to cancel the event, the first participants walked through the door and the exciting event proceeded with very motivated and determined attendees.

The Rotary Club of Atlanta West End is dedicated to the citizens and businesses of Atlanta West End, and this innovative literacy event is just one more example of how this club partners with its residents to meet the communities long-term needs. The fact that so many new members engaged so quickly to help on this initiative is a tribute to a thriving club.

Photo: Marion Lessington, Kyra Solomon and Necole Gibbs, new AWER members and financial specialists

Posted by Judith Fuller
March 1, 2020 2:00pm


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