Kyra Solomon Shares Her Profession and Passions

Ms. Kyra Solomon, Atlanta West End Rotarian and owner of The Daley Group, a full service real estate organization, shared her interesting life's journey and profession as part of a Rotary Classification Talk. Kyra was born in Dayton, Ohio, because her mother when pregnant could not get on a plane back home to New York City. Soon after Kyra was born, mom and Kyra went back to NYC where Kyra grew up. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Morgan State University. The Daley Group was formed to provide intense support to clients and to deliver a higher level of service to ensure clients would receive what they need. She approaches her work so that clients are treated and served like she would want to be. She also wants The Daley Group to stay with clients after the sale is completed, so that they would continue to receive professional support. This is what The Daley Group now does. Kyra was attracted to AWER because she’s civic-minded and wanted to be a part of the projects AWER was committed to. Kyra has three children: her son is an artist and in the insurance industry. He has a 2 year-old son, so Kyra is a grandmother. Kyra’s daughter is a senior at the Air Force Academy. Her youngest, a son, is a junior at Brookwood High School in the Gwinnett County Schools. In three years Kyra says she wants to retire. To do that she has to solidify her firm by enabling it to be sophisticated in PropTech which is where real estate is headed, similar to FinTech in the financial and banking industry – both linked to the emerging worlds of artificial intelligence. When Kyra builds those levels of capacity into the Daley Group, she’ll be set to provide more community service work. Kyra also shared her passion for dance. As a professional dancer, she has performed and taught African dance, which has led to many opportunities for one of her other passions, travel. She lived in Japan for a time and shared stories of some of the cultural differences she experienced there.

Posted by Neil Shorthouse
April 24, 2020 2:00pm