Brent Brewer - Telling the Stories of Atlanta's West End

Our speaker was Mr. Brent Brewer. This is Brent’s second time presenting to the AWER club – when he previously presented during his classification talk. Brent has two primary professions, that of an engineer and as a writer. During the day Brent works as an engineer for the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management. When he is not serving as an engineer, Brent is the editor of Our West End Newsletter and a resident of Atlanta’s West End. Members can access the newsletter through Facebook or at

After his introduction, Brent discussed his background and what brought him from Portland, Oregon to Atlanta. Brent lived in Atlanta while he completed his graduate degree at Georgia Tech. After he completed his degree, Brent moved back to Oregon where his parents still resided. While in Oregon Brent continued to gain an appreciation for music and culture. Brent moved back to Atlanta so he could pursue a relationship with his partner, that he now is privileged to call his wife.

Brent then focused on his observations of the current state of Atlanta’s West End. Overall, Brent is excited about the current state of Atlanta’s West End. To support this observation, Brent had a lengthy discussion about the collaborative nature involved in a business called, Honeysuckle Gelato. In this story, Brent discussed that the owner of this business first obtained her plums for the gelato flavor from plum trees on Egelston Street.

Following Brent’s discussion regarding the current state of Atlanta West End, he then discussed the current mall development and the progress it has made. More can be found on this progress by visiting

Posted by Christopher Hempfling
May 28, 2021 2:00pm


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