Judge Wenona Belton, Fulton County Juvenile Court - A Light for Our Children

Judge Wenona Belton of the Fulton County Juvenile Court recently spoke to the Rotary Club of Atlanta West End. Judge Belton shared her journey to becoming a judge. As an adolescent, Judge Belton considered a career practicing law, but was discouraged by a high school counselor. Consequently, she pursued another interest—fashion. After studying textiles and apparel, Judge Belton became a buyer for major retailers including Dillards. Notwithstanding success in fashion, her interest in the law was persistent. As a young adult, Judge Belton moved to Atlanta and attended paralegal school. From there, she worked as a clerk for the Superior Court of Fulton County, decided to attend law school, and accepted work for a Superior Court judge. Upon passing the Bar, Judge Belton began working as an attorney for the juvenile court. She was appointed associate judge in 2013. While Judge Belton acknowledges that juvenile court is often considered a “mystery court,” she maintains that the majority of its hearings are open to the public and encouraged us to visit. The court’s mission is to "rehabilitate children, reunify families, and to restore victims.” Judge Belton says that the juvenile courts most often see people at their worst. Her personal interest is in motivating children, especially to lead them to see that they have a future. She encourages the creation of vision boards and the strengthening of reading skills toward this end. Judge Belton’s personal story is inspiring and her work is life-changing. She is a light for our children and represents the best of our community.

Posted by Kimberly Carlisle
March 19, 2021 2:00pm


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