Lisa Colbert, M. Agnes Jones Elementary Students, and Their Chickens Attend Our Weekly Meeting!

Greetings, fellow Rotarians! Our speaker last Friday was a find, a dedicated teacher at M. Agnes Jones School, Lisa Colbert -- a discovery by our indefatigable Rotarian Rose Iacona Caplan, made while pursuing our racial equity project. Rose introduced Lisa, describing her as awesome and amazing. Lisa, a graduate of Morris Brown College with 19 years of teaching experience (14 with Atlanta Public Schools) is introducing her 2nd graders (who participated in our meeting via Zoom) to the importance of sustainability. Her vehicle toward this understanding: a chicken coop with 5 hens and, of course, a rooster. (They all have names but I can't read my writing.) By observing and tending to their flock (correct term?) the children learn about life cycles, animal behavior, compost, the role chickens can play in combatting hunger and providing protein, and the importance of sustainable agriculture. Agnes Jones is a STEA[ (letter missing] school, and this project has associated it with 2 local nonprofit organizations. We learned at least 2 stunning facts: (1) There are such things as green eggs. (2) The chicken coop needs a cover lest a nearby hawk plunders it. Such a covering, either chicken wire or an actual roof, may W well become a Club project! We'll take it up at the next meeting and hope to check in with Lisa's class in the future.

Posted by Francis Ingersoll, Jr.
April 15, 2022 2:00pm


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