Dave Moody Entertains and Inspires

Faye Hammonds, AWER Program Leader for May, presented Mr. David (Dave) Moody, as our speaker. Mr. Moody leads premium Atlanta builder C.D. Moody Construction, which has built and delivered more than 150 commercial projects valued at over two billion dollars in the last 30 years. Faye reported Dave to be a devoted and grateful husband and father. Faye also explained that Dave is enthusiastic about his church. About marriage Dave said that he and his close friend while college buddies went on a double date, with Dave being more interested in his friend’s date than his own. Dave just recently called him with whom he’d not spoken since college. On the phone he reported that he and Karla had been marred for 38 years, whereupon his former college friend immediately hung up the phone! Dave is also president of the 540-member Atlanta Downtown Rotary. He also explained that he is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that has had had a huge effect all his life, even leading to a nervous breakdown, and to panic attacks. He finally mentioned it to his wife for the first time less then ten years ago and she helped him overcome the terrible impact it has had on him. In 2012 he spoke publically about it for the first time. Since, he’s discovered that 60% of incarcerated persons have suffered child sexual abuse. Dave emphasizes the importance of having the opportunity to talk with someone about serious issues, and noted that COVID-19 is one of those times when millions of people feel so isolated and scared and frustrated. Unexpressed deep feelings need to be shared with a trustful person, Dave said. He placed this reality in the context of trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with some of his Harvard College friends. The grandeur of sleeping for seven days outside and alone amid the brightly lit sky with the moon presented a serene view - unforgettable. He said this helped him discover the importance of total quiet. He urged all of us Rotarians to find ways to create our own Grand Canyon experience – allowing ourselves the benefits of quietude and reflection. We must find ways to escape negative noise, he urged. Dave sees mental health as one of society’s most critical needs – it has always been that way but far too many ignore it, thinking we can tough it out – not true, he says. We need to pay attention to the people around us, even being aware of those on edge, even angry. Dave serves on the national board of Boy Scouts of America. He says the BSA as a child helped save him. He’s so pleased the board voted to have girls as members, even able to become Eagle Scouts. He says families now enroll both girls as well as boys, and not having their daughters miss out – it’s really helped parents, he said. Recently, Dave and fellow BSA board members also voted to pursue protection through the nation’s bankruptcy laws because of large numbers of abuse cases resulting in law suits. Many years before these suits arose, the BSA had established stringent rules for all involved in Scouting, especially adult leaders. The legal actions against the BSA were in regard to cases occurring before the newer rules of participation were enacted years ago. Also, he and Faye emphasized, the 260 Area Councils are not affected and also being protected by the bankruptcy filing. Please see

Posted by Neil Shorthouse
May 15, 2020 2:00pm