Martha Dalton, WABE Education Reporter, on the Pandemic's Impact on Georgia Students

As you likely know, one of the causes of Rotary is “Supporting Education.” Consequently, Martha Dalton’s talk last Friday held our attention, made us think, and inspired our efforts. Martha, a native of Atlanta, is a WABE news reporter who focuses on local and statewide education and immigration issues. On Friday, she drew our attention to three important education issues:

  1. Remote learning isn’t as effective as in-person learning for most students—especially students with special needs. It is estimated that APS students would have showed measurable language arts and math deficiencies if standardized tests had been administered last spring.
  2. Inequity is a problem in Georgia schools. Although laptops, Chromebooks, and WIFI access were given to many students during the Pandemic, thousands of Georgia students were chronically absent.
  3. Schools need money to recover from the Pandemic. While the Georgia legislature cut $1B from the education budget, CARES Act funds helped meet our education needs. If schools are to offer more social services to address education inequity including counseling and tutoring, our education budget must be increased.

Martha’s final advice to us? Take an interest in the education bills that are considered by the Georgia legislature and contact law makers to voice your interest or concern about legislation that matters to you. Thank you, AWER, for all that you do to support education in Georgia.

Posted by Kimberly Carlisle
January 15, 2021 2:00pm


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