Aisha Harris & Blended Measures Help Nonprofits Navigate the Pandemic

On Friday, February 19, Rotary of Atlanta West End was honored to hear from Aisha Harris, Partner and Chief Generosity Officer of Blended Measures, a consulting company that assists nonprofit organizations with developing and implementing fundraising campaigns. The organization has helped its clients to raise over $18.5 million dollars in the past five years, and counts its work to strengthen back-office systems a major value-add for clients. During her presentation, Aisha shared three important ideas:

  1. The pandemic is causing an economic shift that will force many nonprofit organizations to consolidate or close. The hardest hit organizations are likely to be those that rely on earned income, government contracts, and fees for service and those in the arts, education, and similar industries that cannot readily shift to remote service delivery.
  2. The pandemic has led to several trending issues including the willingness of organizations to meet immediate suffering, but ignore systemic problems.
  3. Smart solutions for nonprofit organizations include: a focus on less-restrictive grant applications, a strategy to involve donors beyond their financial gifts, and plan development for remote service delivery.

Aisha and her team provide vital support for the longevity of the nonprofit organizations that sustain our communities. Our thanks to CJ Stewart for sharing Aisha and Blended Measures with Rotary Atlanta WE!

Posted by Kimberly Carlisle
February 19, 2021 2:00pm


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