Greg Clay,, on the Value of Public Service

At the April 16th meeting of Rotary of Atlanta West End, Greg Clay of gave an inspiring message about leadership. Greg is a native of Atlanta. He attended B.E. Mays High School in southwest Atlanta, did his undergraduate work at Florida A&M University, and his graduate work at the University of Kansas. Importantly, Greg returned to his high school alma mater as an ardent leader of the alumni association and vice chair of the Go Team. This volunteer service is among his most cherished work. While Greg did not present prepared remarks, during his “talk in the moment,” he stressed the importance of giving of oneself to find joy. His favorite book is Compassionomics which argues that caring makes a difference. He spoke of the difference between leading with compassion instead of merely feeling empathy, and encouraged everyone to abandon the sidelines of life to enter the game of service through compassion. Other topics addressed included the importance of building trust between youth and police, a candid discussion on issues concerning public safety, and the courage to make mistakes in relationships. Thanks to Greg for encouraging our gathering and service work.

Posted by Kimberly Carlisle
April 16, 2021 2:00pm


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